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About Us

The company drivecont s.r.o. was based on 3rd October 2007 by Ing. Šrom Jiří and Ing. Čech Pavel. Both the promoters of the company have large experience from their previous activities in the range of controlled drives, industrial controlled systems, visualization and PC-based aplications in industry. The firm drivecont s.r.o. co-operates with other assembling and engineering organizations so that it can deliver the whole technological unit as a complex.

Company Information:

Company: drivecont s.r.o.
Residence: Žimrovická 425
747 41 Hradec nad Moravicí
Company formation: 03. 10. 2007
Legal form: Společnost s ručením omezeným
IČ: 27814025
DIČ: CZ27814025
Číslo zápisu v OR: Krajský soud v Ostravě/C/52548/03.10.2007

The company provides services in the areas as following:

Controlled drives

We provide aplications with controlled drives on the basis of DC and AC convertors - winders and unwinders, position regulation, drives for technology lines, servodrives etc. with these components

SIEMENS convertors

We apply all the range of DC and AC convertors with digital control - type Simoreg DC Master, Simovert Masterdrives, Sinamics and Micromaster.


Applications with DC convertors MENTOR II and AC convertors UNIDRIVE, applications in software enviroment DPL Toolkit.

Programable logic controllers

We provide control systems with the SIEMENS programmable logic controllers in STEP7 and Microwin environment. We are experienced in the programmable logic controllers S7-200, S7-300, S7-400. With the help of them we can deliver large control systems and their connection to a higher control level. The administration of the comfortable remote access is taken for granted.


We realize elementary as well as complex technology process vizualizations with the help of WinCC Flexible, Control Web, JAVA systems etc.

PC software

We offer creation of visualization and other software in enviroment of Borland C++ Builder and Sun Java 1.6 with the help of connections to OPC servers, SQL servers, measurement cards, I/O cards, equipment communicating through serial ports RS232, RS485, RS422. We are able to provide technology data collection and its evaluation, putting actual data at www pages etc.


We offer solutions of wire, optic and wireless communications in industry enviroment. Solutions of remote access to various equipment.

Delivery and Sale

We deliver all the product line of SIEMENS automation and drives, delivery and assembly of electrical cabinets, control desks etc., complete delivery of electrical equipment as a unit.


We offer the solution of medium projects in AUTOCAD LT enviroment, from the year of 2008 in EPLAN P8 enviroment. Examples could be the projects of paper machines, winders and unwinders, technology lines, material preparation in paper industry etc.

Supervisory activity

We are experienced in engineering area, order supervisory and supervisory of assembling groups. We are experienced with the jobs in Russian speaking coutries - Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania etc.


Knowledge of English and Russian language.

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