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Formation of technical documentation

We create projects in EPLAN electric P8 enviroment as a standard, variantly in AUTOCAD LT. Final technical documentation is delivered to a customer not only in printed form, but as a file PDF as well. (In some cases it could be delivered as DWG or DXF files in accordance to customer's requirements ).

AC a DC controlled drives

We support aplications with controlled drives on the basis of DC and AC convertors - winders and unwinders, position regulation, drives for technology lines, servodrives etc. with the SIEMENS convertors: Simoreg DC Master, Simovert Masterdrives, Sinamics and Micromaster or CONTROL TECHNIQUES convertors: Mentor II and Unidrive.

Stepper motor drives

It is a low price solution for small power drives for manipulators, machine tools. Accurate positioning is often achieved without the need of feedback. PLC Simatic S7-200 for system control is used. We can complete this whole set of a stepper motor, exciter and control system with an appropriate gearbox.


For higher power and transfering speed we offer SIEMENS servodrives with the control by the means of convertors of Simovert Masterdrives MC or Sinamics S120. We can also deliver an appropriate gearbox with supplied drives.

Industrial control systems

We provide control systems with the SIEMENS programmable logic controllers in STEP7 and Microwin environment. We are experienced in the programmable logic controllers S7-200, S7-300, S7-400. With the help of them we can deliver large control systems and their connection to a higher control level. The administration of the comfortable remote access is taken for granted.


We realize elementary as well as complex technology process vizualizations with the help of WinCC Flexible, Control Web, WinCC Advandec, JAVA systems etc.

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